BuchTipp – 1001 Filme,: die Sie sehen sollten, bevor das Leben vorbei ist. Ausgewählt und vorgestellt von 77 internationalen Filmkritikern.


Mit weltweit über 1,7 Millionen verkauften Exemplaren in 30 Sprachen gibt 1001 FILME Einblick in großartige und bahnbrechende Filme, in Klassiker und Kultstreifen, in Filme, die man einfach gesehen haben MUSS, und offenbart dabei einen Schatz an witzigem und aufschlussreichem Insiderwissen. Dieser Band umfasst mehr als ein Jahrhundert herausragender Kinofilme und versammelt die wichtigsten Filme aus aller Welt und aus allen Genres, von Action bis Western, von Trick- oder Animationsfilm über Komödie und Dokumentarfilm bis Musical, von Thriller über Film Noir bis Kurz-, Liebes- und Science-Fiction-Film.

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BuchTipp – 52 Kästen in 52 Wochen: Stück für Stück zu besserem Design


Was macht ein Möbelstück schön? Die Farbe des Holzes? Seine Maserung? Die Verbindungen und ihre Größe? Oder ist es die Wahl des Sekundärholzes und spezielle Akzente?

Nach Matt Kenney sind es diese und tausend weitere Kleinigkeiten, die das Design beeinflussen. Ein zentrales Element seiner Überlegungen sind stets die Proportionen: die von Breite, Höhe und Tiefe zueinander, die von Korpus zu Deckel, von Griff zu Deckel, die der Füße zu dem Korpus, usw., usw.
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BuchTipp – The BMW Motorcycle Story – second edition


This new edition of Ian Falloon’s classic book on the history of BMW Motorcycles brings the story right up to date, and now includes all models from 1923 right through to 2019.

Over the past 80 years, BMW motorcycles have provided a unique alternative to those of other manufacturers. Some motorcycles may have been faster, certainly others were cheaper, but with their emphasis on quality and reliability, none have emulated the practicality of a BMW. With its commitment to ease of serviceability, the BMW motorcycle has become the preferred choice for hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists around the world. Continue reading

BuchTipp – Madonna


Madonna is the top-selling female recording artist of all time, and a fearless, boundary-pushing artist who constantly reinvents herself and her music. Updated to include Rebel Heart, this authoritative illustrated book examines all 13 of Madonna’s studio albums in fine detail, placing each in context and charting the trendsetting musician’s influence on fashion and popular culture. Covering every hit record and era-defining image, and featuring a wealth of rare and iconic photographs, Madonna takes a unique look at the legendary star’s extraordinary output. This book is published by Carlton Books Ltd, 21,37 Euro – now available at Amazon.

BuchTipp – Patina Volkswagens


Since the early 2000s, the apparent explosion of interest in Volkswagens with original paint, rust and patina has inspired a generation of car fanatics, who might not be able to afford to restore a car to show condition, but still want a good looking, cool car that will stand out from the crowd. Once looked upon as vehicles that were in need of restoration, cars with original paint, rust and patina, especially within the global Volkswagen community, have gradually become far more popular than restored cars. When walking down a line of cars at a car show, it’s easy to see why; these cars are rare, unspoiled survivors – cars that tell a story of an interesting and varied past. Continue reading

BuchTipp – Vintage-Räder: Wie Sie alte Fahrradschätze aufspüren und restaurieren


Expertise trifft Passion: Das Buch über die Liebe zu klassischen Renn- und Tourenrädern

Die Hände dreckig machen und die Seele reinigen… Das ist das Motto, mit dem sich Gianluca Zaghi seiner großen Leidenschaft widmet: dem Schrauben an herrlichen alten Fahrrädern. Längst gilt er weltweit als einer der gefragtesten Restauratoren klassischer Renn- und Tourenräder. Mit »Vintage Räder« legt er nun ein elegant gestaltetes Buch vor, um sein Wissen und seine Passion mit anderen Kennern und Interessierten zu teilen.
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BuchTipp – Dark Commerce: How a New Illicit Economy Is Threatening Our Future


A comprehensive look at the world of illicit trade. Though mankind has traded tangible goods for millennia, recent technology has changed the fundamentals of trade, in both legitimate and illegal economies. In the past three decades, the most advanced forms of illicit trade have broken with all historical precedents and, as Dark Commerce shows, now operate as if on steroids, tied to computers and social media. In this new world of illicit commerce, which benefits states and diverse participants, trade is impersonal and anonymized, and vast profits are made in short periods with limited accountability to sellers, intermediaries, and purchasers.
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Brand the Change: The Branding Guide for Social Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Not-For-Profits and Corporate Troublemakers


In a perfect world, great changemaking ventures would grow purely based on their own merit. In the real world, we have to be creative and strategic about how we brand our initiatives and get the support we need to help them grow into effective, sustainable organisations. Creating a strong brand is crucial to increasing your impact and getting the audience you deserve. With over twelve years of experience as a brand developer, Anne Miltenburg has worked with organisations and people as diverse as tech companies, artisans, women’s rights activists and bankers, from Zambia to Tunisia and from the USA to Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

BuchTipp – Volkswagen Beetle: A Celebration of the World’s Most Popular Car


The VW Beetle is simply the best-known and most-loved car in the history of the motor car. Amazingly, some of the earliest Beetles, now seven decades old, are still on the road, while more recent examples, particularly the classics from the late 1950s and ’60s are many an enthusiast’s pride and joy. Created through the ingenuity of Ferdinand Porsche, brought to the brink of series production by Hitler’s Nazis and rescued from oblivion by the British after the war, the Beetle soon developed into a phenomenon under the guardianship of Heinz Nordhoff, the VW boss for two decades. Overwhelmingly successful in over 150 countries across the world, most notably in the USA; when the car finally fell from grace in Europe after Nordhoff’s death, it was destined to enjoy a revitalized and lengthy swansong in South America. The legendary Beetle’s intriguing story is unraveled in this fascinating and handsome book. This book is published by Veloce Publishing – 30,00 Euro – now available at Amazon.