BuchTipp – Careers in Dance: Practical and Strategic Lessons from the Field: Practical and Strategic Guidance from the Field

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Never before has a greater variety of careers been available in dance&;and never before has such comprehensive, expert guidance on those burgeoning careers been accessible in one book.

Careers in Dance is a master guide that will help students navigate the expanding opportunities in dance and familiarize current professionals with potential career choices that best align with their pursuits and strengths.

This highly practical text offers a wealth of information on career options in a variety of settings and with a variety of focuses, including commercial ventures, scholarly pursuits, administrative avenues, medical and scientific settings, and interdisciplinary opportunities. Readers are guided in discovering their deepest interests and learning how to translate their unique strengths into rich and fulfilling careers.

In keeping with recent trends in higher education dance programs, Careers in Dance spotlights entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities for dancers, delving into an array of options and offering much-needed advice. The book covers some of the social and cultural influences that affect success in the field, and it explores various career opportunities:
K-12 and postsecondary dance education
Dance studios
Performance, choreography, and production
Dance research, analytical writing, and journalism
Dance administration and advocacy
Dance science, therapy, and medical and somatic practices
Private competition companies
Technical theater and related areas
The text also helps readers understand the connections between dance and other disciplines. For example, it details the interdisciplinary opportunities involving technology, technical theater, and media. It also notes the possibilities for continued education in graduate school programs and suggests approaches to acclimating to life as a working professional.

Careers in Dance offers two recurring elements throughout the book:
Profiles of, and interviews with, esteemed professional dancers, revealing their real-world experiences and affording insights into different dance careers
Reflection prompts that encourage self-reflection and prepare readers to seek career development and career advancement opportunities
This text explores the opportunities dance students and professionals can pursue, helps them pinpoint their areas of interest and strengths, and equips them to create their unique paths to a fulfilling career in dance. In doing so, Careers in Dance provides the advice and strategies dancers need to actualize their own destinies in dance.

This book is published by Human Kinetics Publishers – now available at amazon.

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