ComicTipp – DC Schocker – Das Haus am See 1

IMG-20220705-WA0001Illustration: Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

Nach dem Erfolg der Comic-Reihe von JOE HILL gibt es neue Schocker von DC Comics mit überragenden, schaurigen Horror-Thrillern! Den Anfang macht dieser Band aus der Feder des gefeierten Top-Autors James Tynion IV (BATMAN, BATMAN ETERNAL). Der exzentrische Walter hat eine Gruppe alter und neuer Freunde in sein abgelegenes Haus am See eingeladen. Sie erwartet dort das Grauen!

Für alle Fans der DC BLACK LABEL-Reihe von Joe Hill. Der Comic ist erschienen im Panini Verlag – auch über Amazon zu bestellen.

BuchTipp – Market Investigations: A New Competition Tool for Europe?

IMG-20220216-WA0006Illustration: Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

“Policy makers around the world are increasingly worried about developments in some digital markets and in particular digital platforms which use business practices to obtain an advantage vis-áa-vis competitors in vertically related activities (e.g., self-preferencing) or which use their advantages e.g. in data collection and analytics to gain the upper hand over competitors in adjacent markets. Network effects and economies of scale and scope are seen as drivers of market tipping, possibly leading to anentrenched position of the most successful or lucky firm to the detriment of consumers in the long run”– This book is published by Cambridge University Press – now available at amazon.


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Unweit des Atlantiks herrscht Stille in dem ländlichen Dorf Grândola, Portugal, geprägt von einem ausgedehnten Pinienwald und einigen vereinzelten kleinen Gebäuden. Dort entsteht die Melides Residenz von Fragmentos als ein einziger Körper mit einem Flachdach, das an einer Stelle ausgehöhlt wird, um einen zentralen Hof zu bilden, um den sich das Haus entwickelt. Beim Herauszoomen erscheint der Übergang zwischen dem Bau und der Landschaft harmonisch und privilegiert Ruhe und Natur in dieser portugiesischen Stadt.

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Buchtipp – Ford Gt40 Anthology: A Unique Compilation of Stories about These Most Iconic Cars

IMG-20220216-WA0003Illustration Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

Ford GT40 Anthology is a new and unique compilation of feature articles about the iconic GT40, all accompanied by a host of old and new photographs. While not a history of the GT40, each individual story will give the reader new insights into the car&;s design and development, as well as some fascinating racing tales and previously well-kept secrets. Continue reading

BuchTipp – Lotus Elite: Colin Chapman’s First Gt Car

IMG-20220117-WA0002Illustration Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

The Lotus Elite was a turning point for Lotus. First produced at the end of the 1950s, it marked Lotus’ transition from a maker of small racing cars, which had limited utility on the road, to the producer of a highly sophisticated road and race car. In the Elite, Lotus exploited its knowledge of new technology and racing pedigree to produce a car which, with its glass fibre monocoque and Coventry Climax engine, had the potential to be a world beater.

This book gives an insight into the reasons the car was produced and its importance in Lotus’ history, especially in the production of lightweight innovative cars. Through interviews with Elite owners, first hand accounts provide a good overview of owning one of these iconic cars, covering its foibles and quirks as well as its exemplary roadholding, handling and performance. Illustrated with many colour photographs, along with period advertising material, the book provides a valuable insight into owning, running and racing these iconic cars. This book is published by ‎Veloce Publishing Ltd – now available at amazon.

Das Holzbearbeitungsstudio Madeiguincho realisiert ein winziges Haus auf Rädern


Im Rahmen seiner TOW-Serie (Tiny on Wheels) realisiert Madeiguincho seine mobile „Ursa“-Kabine. In Anlehnung an typische Wohnwagen entwirft und baut das in Portugal ansässige Holzbearbeitungsstudio drei Prototypen mit jeweils unterschiedlichen Längen. über 8 Fuß breit und 13 Fuß hoch, jeder der drei Typen misst entweder 13 Fuß, 16 Fuß oder 23 Fuß in der Länge. Insgesamt versucht das Team, die typische Lebensweise in der heutigen Gesellschaft zu überdenken und stellt sich eine neue Art von Wohnung vor, die mobil, sauber und schön ist.

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BuchTipp — Camel Trophy: The Definitive History

IMG-20211015-WA0001Illustration: Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

From 1980 to 2000, Camel Trophy took more than 500 amateur competitors from 35 countries on extraordinary and challenging adventures. On most of these events, teams drove specially prepared Land Rovers to the limit and beyond in locations as varied as Borneo, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania. Continue reading

BuchTipp – Lamborghini Countach

PHOTO-2021-08-26-10-08-34Illustration Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

When launched at the Geneva motor show in 1971, the Lamborghini Countach was like a vision of the future, with its incredibly radical styling by Bertone&;s Marcello Gandini. Through various evolutionary stages, the Countach remained in production from 1973 to 1990 and during that time 1,997 examples were manufactured, making it exceedingly rare as well as highly desirable. Subsequently the magnificent Countach has risen to almost mythical status among collectors and enthusiasts. Now, as the model approaches its 50th anniversary, two passionate and deeply knowledgeable Countach co-owners have written an authoritative new book &; the first English-language study of the car for 30 years &; to celebrate this fabled Italian supercar in all its glory. Continue reading

BuchTipp – 9600 HP: The Story of the World’s Oldest E-type

PHOTO-2021-07-22-07-26-55Illustration: Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

From development prototype to Geneva Motor Show star and 150mph road-test car, 9600 HP played a key role in the launch of the sensational Jaguar E-type. This latest book tells the story of this unique car’s life, its intricate restoration, and the unsung hero behind its creation – Malcolm Sayer.

First published in 2000 and extensively expanded and updated for this new edition, it includes interviews with many of the characters who were central to the car’s adventures. It also features a wealth of exclusive archive material from the family of Malcolm Sayer – the man who created some of Jaguar’s most iconic designs.
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