BuchTipp – Lamborghini Countach

PHOTO-2021-08-26-10-08-34Illustration Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

When launched at the Geneva motor show in 1971, the Lamborghini Countach was like a vision of the future, with its incredibly radical styling by Bertone&;s Marcello Gandini. Through various evolutionary stages, the Countach remained in production from 1973 to 1990 and during that time 1,997 examples were manufactured, making it exceedingly rare as well as highly desirable. Subsequently the magnificent Countach has risen to almost mythical status among collectors and enthusiasts. Now, as the model approaches its 50th anniversary, two passionate and deeply knowledgeable Countach co-owners have written an authoritative new book &; the first English-language study of the car for 30 years &; to celebrate this fabled Italian supercar in all its glory. Continue reading

BuchTipp – 9600 HP: The Story of the World’s Oldest E-type

PHOTO-2021-07-22-07-26-55Illustration: Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

From development prototype to Geneva Motor Show star and 150mph road-test car, 9600 HP played a key role in the launch of the sensational Jaguar E-type. This latest book tells the story of this unique car’s life, its intricate restoration, and the unsung hero behind its creation – Malcolm Sayer.

First published in 2000 and extensively expanded and updated for this new edition, it includes interviews with many of the characters who were central to the car’s adventures. It also features a wealth of exclusive archive material from the family of Malcolm Sayer – the man who created some of Jaguar’s most iconic designs.
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BuchTipp – Porsche 911 SC: Experiences & Illustrated

PHOTO-2021-04-29-08-04-39Illustration: Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

Have you longed to restore a classic Porsche 911, but were either overwhelmed by the scale of the task, or simply unsure of what was involved? This unique publication brings that experience to life, covering every detail of the loving restoration of a very special 1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa Sport. The car was originally a special order model for Sir Cliff Richard.
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RCR Arquitectes baut aus rotem Beton das Palmares Clubhaus an der Algarve

Überlappende Ebenen aus rotem Beton bilden die Wände und das Dach dieses Golfclubhauses, das von den mit dem Pritzker-Architekturpreis ausgezeichneten RCR Arquitectes für ein Resort an der Südküste Portugals entworfen wurde.
Das Palmares Clubhouse ist das Wahrzeichen von Palmares Ocean Living & Golf, einem neuen Resort an der Algarve, das vom Entwickler Kronos Homes unterstützt wird.

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‘Kleeblatt Haus’ in Portugal von Doppel (0) Studio mit einen Pool auf dem Dach


Die Architekten Olivier Ottevaere und Elsa Caetano von Double (O) Studio haben eine zweistöckige Betonresidenz in Portugal fertiggestellt, die von einem Pool auf dem Dach gekrönt ist. Die Wohnung befindet sich in Aroeira, einem Viertel südlich von Lissabon. Aufgrund ihrer Kleeform wurde sie als „Casa Trevo“ oder „Kleeblatthaus“ bezeichnet. Da sich das Anwesen in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Atlantik befindet, erhält es das ganze Jahr über eine angenehme Brise und reichlich Sonnenschein.

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BuchTipp – Careers in Dance: Practical and Strategic Lessons from the Field: Practical and Strategic Guidance from the Field

EB41B415-2FAD-46A3-A87A-A8DC1DBF0046Illustrationen/Fotos Gudy Steinmill-Hommel

Never before has a greater variety of careers been available in dance&;and never before has such comprehensive, expert guidance on those burgeoning careers been accessible in one book.

Careers in Dance is a master guide that will help students navigate the expanding opportunities in dance and familiarize current professionals with potential career choices that best align with their pursuits and strengths.

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Wenwen Fan entwickelt bunte essbare Algen-Lebensmittelverpackung


Der Designer Wenwen Fan hat eine Reihe von bunten Algenverpackungen als alternative entwickelt, eine essbare Lebensmittelverpackung. “Seaweed U” versucht, die Erfahrung des Verzehrs von Seetang neu zu gestalten, der als nachhaltiges Superfood für die zukünftige Generation identifiziert wurde. Tatsächlich spricht sich das Projekt dafür aus, Seetang zu essen, um den Klimawandel zu bekämpfen. “according to scientists, building seaweed farming network on just 9% of the world’s ocean could offset carbon emission entirely”, stellt der Absolvent des Royal College of Art fest.

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