BuchTipp – Beth Shaw’s Yogafit


Whether you are searching for a new physical challenge or a way to incorporate yoga into your exercise routine, “Beth Shaw’s YogaFit” will help you reach your physical potential. Expanded and updated, this highly acclaimed program combines challenging conditioning work with strength- and flexibility-building yoga to create a total-body workout. With “YogaFit,” you’ll have not only increased overall health, energy, and vitality but also a stronger and leaner body, reduced stress, better posture, improved concentration, and a higher level of fitness.

Written by Beth Shaw, an internationally renowned expert on fitness and yoga, this book presents more than 100 YogaFit poses organized into workout routines that you can use every day. The text includes information on using YogaFit as a training tool for sports and creating personalized routines to meet your own needs. The full-color photo sequences and step-by-step instruction make it more accessible than ever! Join the more than 250,000 trained YogaFit instructors and the millions of people who have already tried “Beth Shaw’s YogaFit” and proved that it works. You’ll get results in a few weeks–and benefits that last a lifetime. This book is published by Human Kinetics, 21,49 Euro – now available at Amazon.

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